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The King has declared,"He who marries another kingdom's princess shall rule the land" Try to win the hearts of the stubborn picky princesses trapped in dangerous dungeons full of dubious enemies, surprising traps, bountiful treasure, frightening bosses and more! Pyxelaria needs heroes and now it's your chance to shine.



"The mechanics are punishing but feel very fair"

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Michael Chugg

"This is the best pixelart game I've ever developed"

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Pyxel Knight is a 8-bit 1-4 players co-op 2D platformer game. Get the game during the Early Access and save. The game's price will rise as the game development continues.

What's new in V1.0.5
Have it your way! Make the buttons do as you please in the settings.
Watch out as his attacks are aimed at you!
Got a bunch of feedback on how broken they were. They should be fine now.
Main Menu has been simplified especially for the first time experience.
Play now and find out.
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